Printed merchandise is not dead

Sometimes a small business boss will ask me: “Why do I need promotional branded products, like pens, hats and vehicle decals? How can I measure the return on my investment?”

Not every marketing activity results in an immediate sale or return on investment. But it is still worthwhile. However, for small businesses, marketing isn’t exactly a straight science, it takes time and money to isolate and measure the variables.

For example; If you put a vinyl sign up on a busy road to promote an open day for a junior soccer club – you can ask the parent whether they saw the sign and as a result turned up. But many small businesses don’t have the time and resources to conduct surveys – increased sign ups could be the result of a print or online advertisement, word of mouth or school association.

In the digital age its more important now than ever to have something real that you can touch and see – i.e. Printed promotional material.

Printed merchandise is any product that is branded with your logo, and can include:

  • Uniforms
  • Shop signage
  • Branded stationary
  • Pull up banners
  • Promotional bags

Whether it is something consumers can take away and keep, or something they just see, printed merchandise helps build and maintain brand awareness. And brand awareness does not happen overnight – but when you need an item you say to yourself “I’ll go to that company their phone number is on my pen” or “I see their sign every day on the way to work”.

Continuous and consistent branding through printed promotional products, strategically integrated with digital marketing, develops brand awareness and underscores that your business is a ‘real’ business.